Removal of 3 toes on Vijaykanth's feet..? DMDK fans in shock..!

According to the DMDK leadership, the finger was removed yesterday on the advice of doctors due to irregular blood flow to the toe area of DMDK leader Vijayakan's right foot. This has caused shock among the party volunteers. Captain Vijayakanth, who came to the film industry and started a political party like MGR, rose to the rank of leader of the Opposition. Unlike other actors, Vijaykanth came to the political arena during the Karunanidhi-Jayalalithaa era and proved his influence.
Expected to have a better political future, he was suddenly paralyzed at home due to ill health. Thus, the very future of DMDK's party is in question. He has been away from politics for the past few years. He has traveled to many countries such as the united states and singapore and is being treated by eminent doctors. But the health did not improve as expected. But even though his family has been saying that Vijaykanth will soon recover and meet the volunteers and address the volunteers as before, it is still a dream today. Meanwhile, Vijaykanth is frequently admitted to a private hospital in Porur, chennai for examination and sometimes for treatment. In that line, he was admitted to the hospital a few days ago due to swelling in his leg. It was reported that the doctors had told him to remove three fingers from his foot due to the lack of uniform blood flow in his foot and based on that three fingers were removed.

The news spread like wildfire, causing shock among DMDK volunteers. The party said there was no need for anyone to fear the usual test. Many of the volunteers have been calling the DMDK party office and leading party leaders to inquire about Captain's health.

Questions arose as to whether the removal of Vijaykanth's toes was real or rumored. In this situation, the DMDK leadership has issued a statement claiming that it is true. The details of the report are as follows: - The finger was removed yesterday on the advice of doctors due to irregular blood flow to the toe area of DMDK leader Captain Vijayakanth due to a long-standing diabetes problem. He is currently under medical supervision. The captain is being treated continuously on the advice of doctors. Captain Vijayakanth will return home in a couple of days after the treatment, and none of the club executives, volunteers, and the general public should believe the false rumors circulating on social media about the captain's condition. Thus it is said.

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