Star heroine samantha is making a major comeback on the big screen as she returns to social media, spiking her posts, and luring her admirers with the most recent information. The actress is doing that while also teasing everyone with some top-secret information. And at the moment, her mumbai mansion is the talk of the town.

Samantha recently posted a photo of the sunset taken from her current location. According to the surroundings, she may have taken that photo in mumbai from the balcony of a skyscraper, and it doesn't appear that the location is a five-star hotel. This leads us to the conclusion that samantha may have taken the photograph from her apartment's window in the heart of Bollywood. That also makes us think of the rumour that samantha paid more than 15 crores for a 3-bedroom apartment with a sea view in the city.

Since the actress is currently in mumbai for the Citadel series shoot and is eyeing a few major bollywood films, it appears that she is once again seriously exploring her mumbai career. In addition, it is becoming known that she will become more active on social media with a number of posts and other activities once she has fully recovered.

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