Shakila revealed the truth publicly..!?

While talking about her past cinema, Shakila is very angry and concerned about a film and the mistake made by that film team. Actress Shakila has been in the cinema since the 80s. In Tamil, she acted in comedy roles in the early period. In malayalam, she has mostly played attractive characters. She was not active in cinema for a few years and came back to the media through the show Cooku with Comali on Vijay TV. Shakila, who became popular through this show, is currently hosting many shows on YouTube. She interviews many actresses of her era and also social media celebrities. Now Shakila has given an interview about her personal life.
It is well known that she is always very open about what is on her mind. When she talked about her past cinema, she talked about a film and the mistake made by that film team, she was very angry and nervous. She has also said that she was misrepresented in the film. Actress silk smitha has been the dream girl of cinema fans for almost many years starting in the 70s. Her biopic was released in hindi and titled Dirty Pictures. As far as Silk's life story is concerned, her death has always been controversial, so it is not often told as a screenplay. But now actress Shakila is saying that what she is saying about herself in that film is a lie.In that movie, when the silk market is going down a bit, actress Shakila has come to compete with her and the scenes related to it will come. Shakila has categorically denied it. She has said that she was the first in malayalam to act as Silk Smita's younger sister and that there was no competition between the two. To tell the truth, Shakila got an opportunity in the malayalam film world only after a few years when Silk's market declined. Shakila has said that she is angry with the film crew who misrepresented her and will definitely ask for something if she sees it in person.

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