A well-known actor and producer in the tamil film business is rk Suresh. The cops have recently made the shocking discovery that they believe he may have been complicit in an RS 2500 crore scam. His situation is being looked into by the authorities right now. Between september 2020 and May 2022, aarudhra Gold Trading fraudulently obtained Rs 2,438 crores from the general public by gathering money from more than a thousand depositors. 
The Economic Offences Wing (EOW) is looking into the arrest of Harish, one of the company's executives, who was taken into custody a few months ago. In this instance, there have allegedly been around ten arrests. Another actor who was already detained in the case, Russo, has confessed that they paid rk Suresh Rs 12 crores in Ponzi money to escape the investigation. 
They also obtained a number of videos showing rk Suresh in the aarudhra building. The EOW cops are acting seriously to make an arrest and look into him. According to the accounts, rk Suresh left for dubai as soon as he found out about Russo's arrest. rk Suresh is being transported to tamil Nadu by the EOW cops.

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