It has just come to light that "Karthikeya 2" filmmaker Chandoo Mondeti is really preparing to helm naga chaitanya in his upcoming geetha arts film. After that movie's enormous success, Chandoo has other intriguing possibilities on the table, but there is a reason why he might do this one as well.

Rumour has it that geetha arts has already had a plot created for naga chaitanya, with a potential production budget of close to 60 crores. According to reports, naga chaitanya asked Chandoo Mondeti be named as the director since only someone with expertise can manage the film well. He didn't want a newbie on the job. However, Chandoo has already planned his next geetha arts film, which stars tamil superstar Surya. Allu Arvind is alleged to have urged Chandoo to helm Chay's film as well because geetha arts is the production company for both movies.

The screenplay work is now taking some time because Chay has suggested some adjustments for the second part. Chandoo Mondeti is 90% likely to direct the movie after the screenplay is finished, but if he becomes too busy, a different director will handle the project under Chandoo Mondeti's direction.

All things considered, Chandoo is receiving praise for honouring the pledge he made to geetha arts years ago. Many major studios are vying for this director's services following karthikeya 2, but he has chosen to remain loyal to Allu Arvind and will work on a few films for this production company. So far, it is the actual tale!

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