Dhruva Nakshatram, which was made in the year 2013 and was about to start shooting, went to the extent of abandoning the film and started again in 2015. Initially, there were reports that actor Suriya was selected to act in this film. But after that Suriya walked out of the film due to some grudges with the team. After that in 2015, popular actor Vikram prashant was selected to play the role of Surya. The following year, the film began full-scale shooting, and in 2017, when the film was about 90 percent complete, director gautham Vasudev menon reportedly had some issues with the production company that was producing the film, and the film was shelved.

In between, during these five years, gautham Vasudev menon transcended the avatar of a director and established himself as an actor in several films. Again it is no exaggeration to say that dhruva Nakshatram has produced the film himself and brought it up to the present release. The film is slated to release this diwali 2023. gautham Vasudev menon has said on his twitter page that this dhruva starrer movie has been given a U/A censor certificate and an important announcement will be made tomorrow at 11 am on september 23.

Apart from popular actor Vikram, this movie also features director Parthiban, Simran, Divyadarshini radhika Sarathkumar and Maya. S. Krishnan and many others have acted.

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