Sanju Badaiah made a name for himself in the popular comedy Kiladis program on Zee kannada channel. From there, he participated in many private events and earned name and money. Also, he got married with the girl he loved a few days ago, Pallavi. Meanwhile, the family members are emotional remembering the insults they faced from people. 'We were in a lot of trouble when we were told that Sanju was short. We used to feel sad hearing people's words. After starting to give the program, our mind got some peace. I was happy that he made us proud even though he was short. Sanju Basaiah's mother said, "It's like being punched in the mouth of the people who were talking."

'Why did Sanjuna get pregnant? Why do you need a short one? What is the use of kill and let die? people said, "What will he bring to you? He is not a big man. Make a living from him and buy this." Sanju had said that we have reached a stage where people who have talked like this today are asking us how we are doing. 'I am happy to have such a husband. You have done a lot of merit. people outside don't know, but none of our sons have the same dignity as he has in the village, I know that he has that much dignity,' said his wife Pallavi.

'When I entered the field of art, many people insulted my father too, saying that your son is short and that you are taking money from him by making him work. I started working in an orchestra band company from 7th year. From there the humiliation began. While loving Pallavi, many people used to say that they are a super couple, but they have spoken badly of her in the past. She was talking about how happy she was. She understood me, I understood her, don't do love for prema addiction, make love with your mind' said Sanju.

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