The arrest of chandrababu naidu has generated much discussion in both telugu states. Tollywood, on the other hand, is keeping quiet about Naidu's detention. Many people are surprised by the lack of response from the telugu cinema community to Naidu's arrest, especially in light of Chandrababu's positive relationships with the industry. When questioned about Chandrababu's detention, ace producer and studio owner suresh Babu, whose father Dr. ramanaidu was the tdp MP, didn't mince words and explained his position.

We have always maintained our non-political and non-religious status as an enterprise. industry has never been involved in politics, from the time it was in chennai till it moved to Hyderabad. Although many of us may personally lean towards certain political parties, the business as a whole is never political. The film industry remained silent even during the split between telangana and Andhra.

Suresh Babu stated, "The film business is here to produce pictures; we don't want to make any remarks on delicate and ongoing political topics. A leader may or may not win my approval. It is what I think personally. However, as a whole, the film business is not political, said suresh Babu.

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