Powerstar pawan kalyan is now working on the much awaited movie "Ustad Bhagat Singh." Theri remake, which just finished a protracted schedule in which pawan kalyan also took part, was advertised as such. With "Ustad Bhagat Singh" generating more hype, fans are anxious to see pawan kalyan in yet another noteworthy role. The movie is being directed by Harish Shankar, who is renowned for his ability to produce very entertaining movies for large audiences. The team hopes to repeat the success of their previous partnership, which led to the popularity of Gabbar Singh.

Intense action sequences and crucial moments apparently made up the majority of the recently finished "Ustad Bhagat Singh" schedule. Although the specifics of the modifications made to the original have been kept a secret, the film's creators are optimistic about how audiences will react to the movie.

The third week of october is when the next schedule for the movie is scheduled to start. The politician-turned-actor will be actively involved in politics in the meantime. He is preoccupied with talks and alliance operations with the telugu desam party (TDP), in addition to his film responsibilities. Stay tuned with us.

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