When the film "DJ Tillu" was launched, the name 'Radhika Akka' became an immediate sensation throughout the telugu states. And Neha Shetty, who portrayed Radhika, rocketed to popularity following the film's release. Though she is not in the sequel to Tillu Square, the developers of dj Tillu are making sure to capitalise on the radhika craze.

The developers of "Tillu Square," sithara Entertainment, published the second song teaser from the film on Saturday, and the name of the song is generating a lot of buzz. The song is called "Radhika, Not Just A Name," and based on the trailer, it appears like another upbeat tune from singer-composer ram Miryala is on the way.

However, Anupama Parameswaran's look in the song is extremely hot, but many are perplexed as to why she is also known as radhika in the film. And if she is Radhika, why isn't Neha Shetty, the real Radhika, not repeated? On that point, we must state that the dj Tillu sequel "Tillu Square" is generating tremendous buzz, and at a time when the failed show 'Aadikeshava' has become the talk of the town, sithara Entertainment releasing a single from this next movie to keep the bad discussion at bay is extremely intriguing.

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