Natural Star nani, currently immersed in promotional activities for his film "Hi Nanna," is known for leveraging effective promotional strategies for his projects. Following the release of "Hi Nanna," nani is set to work on vivek Atreya's upcoming film "Satyabhada." Post this project, there are speculations that nani has plans to collaborate with tamil director Cibi Chakraborty for another venture. 

Additionally, nani expressed his desire to work with "Balagam" director venu on a new film. venu, once a popular comedian on the Jabardast show, gained acclaim with his debut directorial, "Balagam." Despite being crafted on a limited budget, the film became a sensational hit, showcasing Venu's directorial prowess. Now, as venu gears up for his second directorial venture, produced by dil Raju, titled "Ellamma," anticipation is building. 

Dil Raju was reportedly impressed by the story venu crafted after "Balagam." Although an official update on "Ellamma" is awaited, there is considerable buzz around the project. nani, having expressed interest in working with venu, further fuels the anticipation surrounding this potential collaboration. The duo, having previously delivered a natural hit like "Balagam," holds the promise of creating another compelling cinematic experience.

Sources suggest that dil raju is keen on initiating the project promptly upon receiving Nani's approval. While final discussions about the film are pending, the prospect of a collaboration between nani, venu, and dil raju suggests a project that could elevate to the next level, capturing the essence of natural storytelling that resonated with audiences in "Balagam." 

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