Anil Ravipudi, venkatesh, and varun tej reunited for F3, which turned out to be a passable picture. f2 is a huge smash. The bollywood media began to speculate that F4 may be in the works, but the truth is that the movie is not going to materialise anytime soon. The procedures for the upcoming film that anil ravipudi and venkatesh are producing will begin next month. 
The release of this unnamed movie is scheduled for Sankranthi in 2025. In addition to planning Rana Naidu 3, venkatesh is aiming for Rana Naidu 2. Not long after he wraps off Anil Ravipudi's film shoot, Rana Naidu's filming begins. By the end of this year, venkatesh will make the announcements for his next two projects. Along with his intentions to collaborate with other leading performers in telugu film, anil ravipudi has many additional engagements with esteemed producers. F4 hence won't occur anytime soon.

In the first movie, two married men fight against their different controlling spouses to take back control of their lives. But their subsequent chauvinistic behaviour and attitude put them in uncomfortable, although humorous, situations. Even reviewers gave the film relatively good reviews, and it was a commercial success. This served as the basis for the franchise's stand-alone sequel, F3: Fun and Frustration, which was released in 2022. The four primary leads were kept for the second installment.


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