Is this the reason trisha rejected Rajamouli's hit movie..!?

Trisha refused when director rajamouli approached her and gave her the chance to act in a hit film. Information about this has now been released.
While it is the dream of many actors and actresses to act in at least one film directed by director rajamouli, famous actress trisha refused even when she was offered the chance to be the heroine. Which movie is that? In this post, we will see why she refused to accept the offer. telugu director rajamouli has never given a single flop film. Similarly, he made his directorial debut with the film 'Student No. 1', followed by Simhatri, Vikramarkudu, and Mahatheera, which brought out his immense talent.
In that way, he directed the movie (Maryada Ramanna) in 2010 with comedy actor sunil as the protagonist. rajamouli decided to cast actress trisha, who was a very busy heroine in the telugu film industry at that time, in this film and approached her. trisha, who was paired with star actors, sent rajamouli back saying that she could not act in the film when sunil was the hero. And some people from the telugu film industry said not to make this film with sunil as the lead. rajamouli bravely directed it. The film was also a huge hit. It means that it has collected about 40 crores from a budget of 12 crores.
After trisha turned down the offer, rajamouli replaced the star heroines with debutant Saloni in the film. Although Saloni was known as a successful heroine in her first film, it is noteworthy that she failed to choose her next opportunities carefully and now she is lost.

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