As the cbi has begun to take action against Avinash, the ruling party in AP, the YSRC, has been making noise about the YS Viveka murder case. Recently, the cbi stated that jagan was aware of Viveka's murder before it was made public, which caused the mention of his name to be brought up in the extra sheet. The Viveka murder has recently gained a lot of attention in AP, and the telugu desam party has begun to pour additional gasoline to the fire.
The focal point of Nara Lokesh's Yuvagalam yatra today was a display of "Who killed Babai" posters. These posters were carried by members of the general public who participated in Lokesh's yatra. By seizing the posters, the police attempted to capture the same. lokesh, however, moved closer and seized the posters, holding them in his palm.

The general population responded favourably to this. In today's event, this particular instance stood out. Today, lokesh leveraging the Viveka murder case to his advantage in the Yuvagalam yatra has come up for debate as the subject receives more and more attention and, as a result, hatred from ycp top brass. This is a full-scale assault against YCP.

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