External Affairs minister Jaishankar exclusive interview!

External Affairs minister Jaishankar said in an exclusive interview to Asianet why the Chinese President did not attend the G20 Summit. india has successfully hosted the G20 Summit. The African Union has joined the G20 organization in this conference led by India. The historic delhi Declaration has been passed. Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin did not attend the G20 summit. Ministers of that country participated as representatives instead of them.

The Russian president has largely avoided foreign tours because of the Russia-Ukraine war. So, it was not seen as a big deal. But with the ongoing border issue with china, the country's president's non-attendance is a talking point. There have been many reports about this in the media. But External Affairs minister Jaishankar has explained the main reason behind this. External Affairs minister Jaishankar has given an exclusive interview to Asianet about the G20 conference, India's efforts and diplomacy. In it, he explained about the above matters.

He said, “You can imagine many reasons including dissatisfaction with india, border dispute, stance against Russia. In this way everyone can think differently and come to a conclusion. However, china has sent its representative. There are many reasons why President Xi jinping did not come.” He said. Union minister Jaya shankar continued, "Inequality in the world economy is being eradicated now. The markets of many major countries of the world were previously occupied by Chinese products and Chinese resources. But now the products of other countries are available in the world market. They dominate the world markets. Many companies exited as the Chinese market faced a tense environment. After this, the covid epidemic broke out. At this time many countries stood against China. india developed the vaccine and gave it to many countries. After that russia started war on Ukraine. At that time, several global challenges were faced, including rising fuel prices and rising food prices. We can't tell the same stories of the 80s and 90s and carry on the same legacy. Now the world has changed. Globalization makes each country stand on its own merits. Not many countries are in a situation where they have to buy and use things from the West.” He said.

India's production and exports are both strong, he said, adding, “India's two-wheeler market is ahead of all competitors in Latin America. indian car sales are leading in mexico and Colombia. Our agricultural products are exported to foreign countries. We have given the complete vaccine to india and given it abroad as well.” He said.

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