delhi high court has given a big verdict to actor anil kapoor on the petition related to personality rights.

While giving its verdict on this, the court has banned the use of his popular dialogue Jhakas, name, picture,

voice and nickname AK. In fact, anil kapoor himself had filed a petition on this in the delhi High Court.

In this petition, the actor had demanded that people are using all these things of his for money. Therefore,

there should be a ban on using his voice and popular character.

anil kapoor had filed a petition demanding this

This decision has been given by Justice Pratibha M Singh while hearing a case filed by anil kapoor against

several websites and forums. The actor’s lawyer Praveen anand says that many websites and forums are

misusing the qualities of Anil Kapoor. Besides, their photographs are also being tampered with. Therefore he

had demanded a ban on the use of all these things.

Justice Singh said that there is no doubt that freedom of expression is safe, but when it crosses the line and

endangers one’s personality rights, it becomes illegal.

The court cannot sit blindly in such cases.

The court said, The plaintiff’s name, voice, dialogues and photographs cannot be allowed to be used

illegally and for commercial purposes. The court cannot turn a blind eye to such misuse of someone’s

personality traits. Therefore, defendants numbers 1 to 16 are restrained from using the name, voice or other

personality characteristics of the plaintiff Anil Cooper in any manner for commercial gain or for any other


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