In order to ensure a smooth and secure procession for the immersion of Ganesh idols around the city, hyderabad police has prepared a list of safety precautions for event organisers to follow on Ganesh Visarjan day. The city police issued the following guidelines on social media using their official account:

First and foremost, it is suggested that cars transporting the idols start early in order to reduce traffic and guarantee a punctual procession. Only the allotted amount of idols should be transported inside the automobile.

On the day of immersion, it is completely forbidden to employ musical systems with DJs in automobiles. Along with safety issues, the movement of the vehicle shouldn't interfere with or block the free flow of traffic on the road. It is crucial to prevent cars carrying the idols from stopping close to places of worship or other intersections.

No one under the influence of alcohol or any other narcotic drug is allowed to ride in the procession's vehicles. It is not advisable to spray vermilion (kumkum) or gulal on bystanders since this might agitate the general populace.

It is not permitted for procession participants to carry any kind of weapon, including sticks, swords, knives, guns, burning materials, or other potentially harmful objects. Avoid making offensive statements, slogans, gestures, banners, or other public displays that could offend some members of the public.

Last but not least, any occurrences or important problems must be immediately reported to the police by the volunteers/organizers. The hyderabad City police may be contacted via whatsapp at 9490616555 if there are any rumours spreading on social media platforms like whatsapp or other websites.

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