The State Cabinet's suggestion that Dasoju sravan and Kurra Satyanarayana be nominated for MLC positions under the Governor's quota was fiercely disapproved by health minister T Harish Rao. He expressed shock at the action, calling it "outrageous."

The Governor's decision to exclude the pair purely on the basis of their association with the BRS was called into doubt by the minister in a statement. He said that despite coming from underprivileged backgrounds, sravan and Satyanarayana have a lengthy history of public service and have made substantial contributions to their respective disciplines that have benefited the people of Telangana.

Without holding back, harish rao said that tamilisai soundararajan, who worked for the president of the tamil Nadu bjp, shouldn't have been chosen to lead telangana if political alignment was a concern. He cited the Sarkaria Commission's earlier warning against such nominations.

Regardless of the political setting, the minister urged for consistency and equal criteria in such appointments. He gave examples of bjp leaders who, despite their close ties to the party, were chosen to the rajya sabha under the President's quota, including Ghulam ali Khatana, Mahesh Jathmalani, Sonal Mansingh, Ramshakhal, and Rakesh Sinha. He emphasised the differences in how BJP-ruled and non-BJP States are treated, pointing out that comparable appointments have been permitted in Uttar Pradesh and other States.

Harish Rao also voiced his worries on the Governor's involvement in the State, namely the denial of laws put up by the telangana government. Regardless of their political tendencies, he highlighted that the Governors must act impartially and defend democratic ideals. telangana residents are keeping an eye on everything, he continued.

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