When assessing whether the building should be torn down, Justice N.V. shravan Kumar of the telangana High court instructed the ghmc to take the arguments made by the administration of the krishnaveni Talent school and the owners and renters of various properties in Fatehnagar, Balanagar. The judge issued the ruling in response to a writ petition filed by G.V. Shivakumar reddy challenging a ghmc notice holding him accountable for any undesirable events involving the 19,000 square foot property. According to him, Dream india Edu Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. contacted him about leasing the building. But, he said, a portion of it was leased to the school against his will; this is the point of contention between the parties.

In the interim, the petitioner discovered leaks in the structure and requested that the school administration (the respondent) leave the area for the protection of the pupils. The ghmc published a notice for the petitioner to submit any concerns to tearing down or repairing the structure. According to the petitioner, he neither controlled nor was in possession of the structure. In their response, the ghmc said that the school administration had stated the building was in good condition and had provided a certificate of structural soundness. The company claimed that moosapet circle-23, its executive engineer, had examined the site.

According to Justice shravan Kumar, human lives should take precedence above disagreements between tenants (the respondent) and the owner (the petitioner) in cases involving the demolition of a property. The court ruled that it would not provide a decision about a breach of the lease agreement since the parties might pursue legal remedies. The images included in the affidavit indicated that two sections of the structure were joined by iron sheets, which seemed to be harmful for the kids, according to Justice shravan Kumar, who stated that the court was more worried about the safety of the students in the building.


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