The rehearsal of the indian air Force has started from today (Tuesday) in the Big pond of Bhopal.

Rehearsals lasting three days are being done for the air show. On Tuesday, the air warriors performed

amazing feats in the sky. The sky echoed with the thunder of air Force fighter jets. The brave pilots

displayed strength and bravery.

The three-day rehearsal of the air Force has started from today. air Force air show is going to be held on

30th September. The rehearsal of the air Force air show will continue for three days from 26th to 28th

September. The final day of rehearsal will be on 30th September. In the rehearsal of the air Force, brave

pilots will perform spectacular stunts in the heights of the sky.

The fleet includes air Force fighter planes, transport planes and combat helicopters. About 70 fighter planes

and helicopters will fly during the demonstration. During the amazing feat, the pilots will go to altitude and

switch off the engine of the plane. In such a situation, it will be thrilling to see the plane coming down


Ban on movement of vehicles

In view of the air Force rehearsal, entry of vehicles will be restricted at the Boat Club on 28th and 30th

September, while general traffic on VIP Road will remain closed on 30th September. Common people will

be able to watch the air show to be held on september 30 from VIP Road.

Fighter planes will be included

All types of fighter planes and helicopters including Chinook, LCA, Jaguar, Auk and surya kiran will be

included in the air show. 9 pilots will fly together during the air show. surya kiran is part of the 52nd

Squadron of the air Force. Only pilots who fly fighter aircraft are selected to fly surya kiran aircraft.

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