Fact check The video of hacking electronic voting machines is fake!

Election Commission says video claiming to be able to hack electronic voting machines is fake. Spreading fake news is a common occurrence during election times. But the public should always be aware of fake news not only during election time. In that regard, the election commission has said that the video that claims that electronic voting machines can be hacked is fake.

Electronic machines are not safe; While many people are saying that they can be hacked, a YouTube video claiming that electronic voting machines can be hacked is spreading on social media. Someone had shared the video on his X page. In response, the election commission said that electronic voting machines cannot be hacked. Also, the EVM machine shown in the video does not belong to the polling station; The election commission has explained that it is fake. The election commission has also shared a link describing the functioning of the Electronic Voting Machine. The election commission has also stated that the voting machines used by the election commission cannot be hacked.According to the election commission, electronic voting machines have secure controllers. They prevent reprogramming once programmed. Technical details about microcontrollers are publicly available on manufacturers' websites.

Electronic voting machines are a separate device. Beyond that machine, it has nothing to do with wireless or wired connectivity. The Ballot Unit, Control Unit, and Voter Verifiable Audit Paper (VVPAT) will be equipped with wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital certificates. Therefore, the election commission has clarified that no other machine can be attached to the EVM.

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