Happy Ugadi: What this year has in store for us?

On Chaitra Suddha Padyami, which is also known as the Ugadi holiday by telugu people, the telugu New Year begins. Spending time with family and friends, learning about the state of the nation, and listening to the almanac for the horoscope of the year are all traditions associated with the holiday. On Ugadi day, fresh decisions are made. 

This year, which is the 37th in the 60-year sequence of telugu years, is known as "Sri Sobhakritu" according to the Chandramana calendar. 

Let's quickly review what this year has in store for us: Disputes in the nation will be resolved, fostering rapprochement between the populace. Prices will drop as the economy grows stronger and industrial and agricultural output rises significantly. However, the cost of some metals, such as gold and silver, will go up in price, and the cost of cooking oil and gasoline may also go up. Fortunately, there are plenty of dairy crops, which has led to a highly developed dairy sector and a regular pattern of rainfall.

- There will be some famine conditions in the western area, but there will be balance in the eastern region. While leaders work to maintain peace and harmony with their neighbors, the nation will advance in its technological and scientific growth. - While there will be many diseases in some areas, the nation and its people will benefit more from Jupiter's transit through Aries. The benefits of Saturn's transit through Aquarius are numerous. Governments will place more of an emphasis on development and less time on political disputes and public problems.

- While storms and earthquakes may be concerning, business and commercial areas won't experience a lack of profit even if prices drop. Farmers' predictions of a bumper harvest will come true, and there will be conflicts and political shifts. In the months of Kartika and Margasira, there may be a few political problems, but the arts will enjoy great renown, and the software and real estate industries will do well. 

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