Company facing fire for 'LOCKING' workers inside the office..?

In a video that has generated a great deal of criticism online, a watchman is shown shutting office doors to prevent employees from leaving without authorization. The footage was sent to twitter by edtech entrepreneur ravi Handa, who can be heard discussing what is taking place with the watchman. The watchman in the video said that one of the supervisors had requested him to stop letting staff members leave the workplace without his consent. The already widely shared video has infuriated a lot of people online.

"Founders of indian edtech companies are currently physically enclosing their employees. Leave this nation immediately. No one else would have the courage to accomplish this," Handa stated while posting the video. 'Coding Ninjas' is the name of the business. Here is the link to the popular video:

Additionally, Handa uploaded the company's official statement, which clarifies that an employee's "regrettable" action caused the situation to occur. The business went on to say that it was fixed right away. We want to be clear that the circumstance from two weeks ago was caused by regrettable actions taken by a worker at one of our workplaces. The situation was quickly fixed after the employee admitted his error and apologised for the inconvenience his actions had caused. The founders personally apologised to every employee for the situation and expressed their regret, according to the statement. Look at this:

However, the video infuriated many online. Employee lock-ins are a regrettable practise that violates the rights of employees and the ideals of workplace freedom. It's critical to support an environment at work where people are appreciated and given the freedom to thrive, a twitter user remarked. 

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