How to get celebs like smile and skin in just 5 minutes?

Who does not want to have flawless skin and shiny gums and teeth like bollywood celebs? Do you know that behind their grin and tight skin there is oil pulling? Even in old age, the glow and teeth look absolutely beautiful on the face of these celebs.

Oil pulling has a big hand behind white teeth and beautiful smile teeth whitening. oil pulling is an Ayurvedic method. Oral hygiene is the easiest and most effective way. You can get celebs like smile and skin in just 4 to 5 minutes. So let's know what is oil pulling and how to do it.

What is oil Pulling?

Oil pulling is called Gandoosha in Ayurveda, in which the stale mouth has to be rinsed with edible oil in the morning. The oil has to be filled and swirled all over the mouth. After that, you should spit out.

With which oil to do oil pulling?

Sesame oil is said to be the best for oil pulling in Ayurveda. If you cannot use sesame oil, you can use mustard oil. However, sesame oil is considered the best in liquid fat.

Oil pulling is very effective in any kind of problem-related to the mouth.

Removes bad breath or tooth decay.

This increases the whiteness of the teeth.

Oil pulling on an empty stomach in the morning dissolves the harmful bacteria with it and they go out after rinsing. This makes the body clean.

By doing oil pulling, the infections related to the throat are removed.

Oil pulling also makes the ears healthy.

Due to this the power of hearing remains correct.

Age does not dominate the face and the glow of the skin remains.

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