In Hyderabad, a well-known bar employs arjun (Aadarsh) as a DJ. He has a pleasant family life and develops feelings for Amoolya. (Chitra Sukla). His life abruptly flips upside down when the police detain him for allegedly killing and raping a little girl. ACP Roopesh (Roopesh Shetty) reopens the investigation into the terrible incident five years later. Was arjun framed for the crime, or did he actually commit it? What was learned by the ACP throughout the investigation? Who is the true offender? All the solutions are in the film.

Despite the fact that this is Aadarsh's first movie, he does a fantastic job and gives it his all. He displays amazing dance and fighting abilities as well.
Chitra Sukla receives a substantial part in addition to only singing love songs to the main character. She has a significant role in the film, particularly in the second half. She gave a commendable performance in the courtroom scenes. Her most successful telugu film to date is Geeta Sakshigaa.

The plot of Geeta Sakshigaa, written by producer Chetan Raj, is so formulaic and similar to many other films that addressed the same issue. The film's creators claimed that some real-life events served as inspiration. But screenwriter and director Anthony Mattipalli ought to have paid more attention to the narration. The movie would have been a suspenseful thriller if he had focused more on the storyline. He wasted a good chance to write an interesting screenplay that would have made this ordinary narrative spectacular. The script has a lot of gaps as well.

Srikanth Iyengar's portrayal of lawyer Joseph, a significant figure, is another. He has fewer, but more significant scenes. His superb dialogue delivery and body language supported his portrayal. In their various roles, Roopesh Shetty, bharani Shankar, Anitha Chowdhary, and sudarshan all performed admirably.

The movie could have benefited from a stronger script. Sadly, Anthony fell short in this regard, but he did a good job as a filmmaker. Venkatahanuma Nariseti's cinematography is good. gopi sundar never passes up an opportunity to enhance settings with music. There are a few songs that are enjoyable to both listen to and see. kishore Maddali, the editor, need to have cut a few pointless scenes from the early half. On the big screen, one can see that the production values are high.

Overall, Geeta Sakshigaa is a just passable movie with a drab plot and narration.

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