Face masks compulsory from tomorrow in these places..!?

The number of corona cases in tamil Nadu has been under control, and the number of cases has increased dramatically in the last few days and now the daily cases have crossed 100. health Minister M. Subramanian has ordered that the people coming to government hospitals and government medical college hospitals in tamilnadu must wear masks from tomorrow.
In tamil Nadu, the number of cases of coronavirus has been under control and the number of cases has increased dramatically in the past few days now the number of cases has crossed 100 daily. The health department has published the situation of coronavirus in tamil Nadu in the last 24 hours. According to it, the number of corona-infected people in tamil Nadu increased to 123 yesterday. The health department informed that 689 people are being treated for corona infection across tamil Nadu and 86 people have recovered from corona infection and returned home, and there was no loss of life.In this case, masks have been made mandatory again to prevent the spread of Corona. In this regard, health Minister M. Subramanian said;- people coming to government Hospitals and government Medical college Hospitals in tamil Nadu must wear masks from tomorrow. An order has been issued that those coming for treatment, accompanying persons, in-patients, out-patients, doctors, and nurses should wear 100 percent masks.

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