One seat is going to be empty in Adipurush theatres..!?

'Adipurush' is the upcoming big movie based on Ramayana. It is going to have a grand release worldwide on june 16. But it has become interesting that one seat is going to be kept empty in the theaters during the release of the film. The Hindu mythological film 'Adipurush' is going to hit the screens in ten days. On this occasion, the unit is conducting promotions like never before. Innovative and promotional programs are being carried out. With this, the expectations for this huge film are at a peak. They are all set to hold a grand pre-release event in tirupati today. The entire team along with prabhas has already reached Tirumala. The event will start at noon. Recently, prabhas also visited Srivara. At present, the entire social media is obsessed with Adipurush. In this episode, interesting news related to Adipurush has gone viral on the net. In addition to being released on a pan-India level in five major languages, it is being released all over the world. But it is known how much respect and trust indians have for Rama and Ramayana. On this occasion, the makers took a crucial decision. Adipurush is going to release one seat in the theatres. Because.. wherever Rama is.. they are doing this with the belief that Hanuman will also be there where there are festivals and programs related to Rama. It seems that one seat will be kept empty as an indication that Anjaneya Swamy will come to watch such a great film. It is interesting that the makers of 'Adipurush' respect the Hindu belief. Meanwhile, the pre-release event of this film is going to be held on a grand scale at the Tarakarama Stadium in tirupati today evening. The whole of tirupati is already thinking of Ayodhya. For the first time in the history of indian cinema, prabhas is also going to display a 50 feet hologram for the event. 100 dancers and 100 singers will sing the devotional songs of Lord Rama. The stage was prepared for lakhs of people to attend. Chinaziyar Swamy will be present as the chief guest. It seems that Adipurush has also prepared to release the second trailer at the event. Pan india star prabhas as ram and bollywood star heroine Kriti Sanon as Sita in the huge movie.   The film is going to be screened at the Tribeca Film festival three days before its release. Meanwhile, there are huge expectations for Adipurush. It seems that theater rights and wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital rights have already been bought at a huge price. It is said that the collections will go up. It remains to be seen what kind of records the film creates at the box office.

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