Udayanidhi's brother was suddenly admitted to the hospital.?

Kalaignar Karunanidhi's family is a family of great political personalities. Everyone like stalin and his son Udayanidhi is now entering politics. On the other hand, M.K. Alagiri once controlled Madurai. His son Durai Dayanidhi also contributed to both politics and cinema. He was making films through a production company. In this case, yesterday, Durai Dayanidhi suddenly fell ill and was admitted to chennai Apollo Hospital. That is, when Durai Dayanidhi was at home, he suddenly fainted and fell down. Shocked by this, the family immediately took him to the hospital. And now some information about Durai Dayanidhi's medical report has come out.
It is said that he has 6 blockages in the cerebral blood vessels and in addition to cerebral palsy, he needs immediate surgery. But whether this is true will be officially known only after the release of the medical report. Besides, chief minister MK stalin and his family rushed to the hospital to see Durai Dayanidhi shortly after he was admitted to the hospital yesterday. Volunteers are also praying for Durai Dayanidhi's speedy recovery and return home. This news was really shocking to hear.

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