Remal cyclone: Where cyclonic storm make landfall?

The catastrophic "Remal" cyclone is about to make landfall, which has caused major disruptions to road, rail, and aviation services in Kolkata. On sunday, the "Remal" cyclone also had an impact on other regions of South Bengal. It is anticipated that these worries stemming from the terrible cyclone will persist until Monday. Authorities at kolkata airport have halted flight operations for 21 hours starting at midday on sunday in anticipation of the "Remal" storm. A number of trains were also canceled by the Eastern and South Eastern railways due to the "Remal" storm.

Due to the 'Remal' cyclone, South bengal districts experienced intermittent showers and strong gusts. As a result, buses, taxis, and three-wheelers were noticeably absent from the roadways in kolkata and the district cities. Due to the cyclone's effects, road and rail transportation disruptions are expected on Monday.

When is the estimated landfall date of Cyclone Remal?

By sunday at midnight, the cyclonic storm is predicted to reach landfall over Bangladesh's and West Bengal's neighboring coasts, bringing with it winds of up to 135 kmph and 110–120 km/h. West Bengal's coastal areas could experience very high rainfall on May 26–27, according to the Met Office's warning.

Where is the estimated landfall location of Cyclone Remal?

Cyclone Remal is "most likely" to make landfall in bangladesh and the neighboring West bengal coast at midnight on May 26, according to IMD scientist Dr. Somenath Dutta. It might touch down between Bangladesh's Khepupara and West Bengal's Sagar Island.

Which regions would Cyclone Remal affect?

West Bengal's coastal areas would be directly impacted by Cyclone Remal's landfall. There may be an impact on the following areas: Howrah, Hoogli, 24 Pargana, Purba Medinipur, Dakshin (South), kolkata, and Nadia. The IMD scientist did, however, clarify that coastal districts will see the initial effects.

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