How to regulate your hormones naturally?

Being healthy is very important for a good life. A single problem in the body affects the whole life system, but our deteriorating lifestyle gives rise to many problems. Among these, there is also hormonal imbalance. This problem mostly develops in the body due to poor routine and diet of women. women suffering from this problem have symptoms like mood swings, changes in sleep patterns, problems related to memory, and digestion to headaches. In such a situation, a drink of green vegetables can end all these problems. Its regular intake helps in making you healthy by balancing unbalanced hormones. Let's know the methods, benefits and symptoms of making this drink...

These symptoms appear when hormones are imbalanced

Due to the imbalance of hormones, many symptoms are seen in women. This gives rise to many problems. These include swelling on the face, hair fall, excessive thirst, sleep problems, extreme cold and heat, pimples on the face, excessive sweating, and rapid weight gain.

Green vegetable juice cures hormones

The juice of green vegetables is very beneficial to balance unbalanced hormones. Consuming its juice regularly balances hormones. The problems caused by this also end. To make juice, take 2 cucumbers, 10 to 15 basil leaves, one cup of sprouted moong dal, one cup of boiled broccoli and half a cup of cabbage.

How to make a vegetable green drink?

To make hormone-balancing green vegetable juice, first grind cucumber, basil leaves, sprouts, moong, boiled broccoli and cabbage with a glass of water in a grinder. Now filter it and drink it after adding black salt as per taste. Regular consumption of this drink will correct the hormones.

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