Corona increase in tamil Nadu..!?Curfew again.?

Will curfew be imposed again in tamil Nadu? The question has arisen. The coronavirus that started spreading all over the world in 2019 came under control after the discovery of the vaccine. While the number of corona cases in india has been steadily decreasing, the number of infections is gradually increasing for the past few weeks. Not only in india, but the number of corona cases is also increasing in tamil Nadu. Will curfew be imposed again in tamil Nadu in this situation? The question has arisen. Also, there were reports that the tamil Nadu government will impose a curfew as soon as possible due to the increasing number of corona cases.
What does the tamil Nadu government say? In this case, minister M. Subramanian has explained about the curfew. He said that it is a rumor that the curfew will be imposed due to the spread of Corona. There is no truth in the information spread on whatsapp and other social networking sites, said Subramanian, minister of health and People's Welfare. For the past few weeks, corona and Flu cases are increasing and many school students and people are suffering from them.

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