The next movie Ori Devuda is known to have young star Vishwak Sen working on it right now. mithila palkar and Asha Bhatt play the key female characters in the movie. With the release of the title, the Ashwath Marimuthu-directed and prasad V. Potluri-produced movie has captured everyone's attention. Now, the creators have revealed an intriguing update today to delight the public once more. victory venkatesh will play a significant role in the film, the filmmakers announced with an amazing sneak peek. In the romantic comedy entertainment, the f3 actor will play the part of God.

Being a spiritual person in real life, venkatesh is likely to appreciate the part. He portrayed a devotee in Gopala Gopala, and now he is playing the role of God. In the beautiful glance, victory venkatesh is shown in a fashionable avatar. In addition, Vishwak Sen would approach him while sporting a perplexed look on his face. This amazing sight came to an end with Venkatesh's distinctive demeanour. The creators confirmed the release date of october 21, 2022 along with the sneak peek. The movie's soundtrack is by Leon James, and Tharun Bhascker wrote the dialogue (recently seen in the box office hit Sita Ramam). Vidhu Ayyanna did the cinematography, which was edited by Vijay. The movie is made by PVP Cinema.

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