One of the most captivating and admired actors and performers we now have in the South regional entertainment business is trisha Krishnan. trisha has been a part of the South's regional entertainment scene for a number of years, and we adore her for all the right reasons. trisha krishnan constantly succeeds in capturing everyone's attention and winning hearts with her presence, despite not having completed many large-scale Pan-India ventures.

Her most recent pan-Indian film, "Ponniyin Selvan I," directed by Mani Ratnam, was a huge hit both critically and financially. aishwarya rai bachchan also played a significant role in the film. She is currently the centre of attention due to the recent announcement that she will take part in #Thalapathy67. Along with Thalapathy Vijay himself playing the protagonist role, sanjay dutt also appears in the film.

We hear from inside sources that the price of her silk saree was 7 lakhs and it was customized with golden threads too. netizens absolutely adore trisha Krishnan's social media posts and find them to be so endearing and entertaining that they find it impossible to control their excitement. Although she isn't extremely active on social media, she believes that quality should come before quantity, which is why everytime she posts a stunning image, she always manages to capture everyone's hearts and attention.

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