In order to stay in the film business for a longer period of time, actors need to keep up their physical appearance. In order to appear attractive on screen, many actors have numerous operations. In order to conceal their sparse hair or bald appearance, several performers also wear wigs. Star Naturally nani made a subtle jab at them. Meanwhile, nani is promoting his forthcoming movie Dasara. For the movie, he got a significant makeover. For the movie, he added muscle to his frame and grew out his hair.

The host of a recent interview questioned nani about the origin of her hair. In response, nani remarked, "Yes, that is original. Please refrain from posing this query to others. nani hinted in her statement that many other actors in the business wear wigs to conceal hair loss or sparse hair Dasara, meantime, is getting ready for its march 30 global release. The female lead in this srikanth Odela-directed movie is Keerthy Suresh.

It is obvious that Vijay is the only actor in recent times to wear a wig every time he steps out of his residence. While ajith sports his white hair and Rajini showcases his baldness in public, Vijay feels insecure and he always wears different types of wigs and gets trolled on social media. Now, nani also has trolled the actor indirectly.

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