Following Nani's aggressive national marketing, dasara produced a significant amount of hype, and the song "Chamkeela Angeelesi" and the trailer have greatly increased interest in the movie. Similarly certain that the film will mark a turning moment in his career is Nani. All of these elements helped the movie earn strong box office returns. Hyderabad's multiplexes have nearly sold out of tickets in advance. 

Liger AP/TG Day 1 - Rs. 10.65 Cr
Worldwide [Telugu] : Rs. 14 Cr

Dasara [Telugu] expected to open in the range of Rs.17 Cr Worldwide

In the US, reservations for premiere performances are also unusually high. The Opening Day collections for nani will set a milestone if this pattern continues. Throughout tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Northern India, nani advertised the movie. The movie is on pace to set an opening day record, and industry insiders anticipate staggering box office results. The previous world record for tier-2 hero day one takeovers belonged to Vijay Deverakonda's Liger, which made 14 crores. Nani's dasara is anticipated to make around 17 crores globally.

Dasara, which was directed by srikanth Odela, featured music by santhosh narayanan and photography by sathyan Sooryan ISC. The film's production designer is avinash Kolla, the director is Navin Nooli, and the executive producer is Vijay Chaganti. The film's director is sudhakar Cherukuri.

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