In a recent interview, kangana ranaut discussed the subject of wage equality in bollywood and said that she is the only actress who is paid on par with male performers. In a video posted on instagram Stories, priyanka chopra highlighted the pay gap between male and female actors in the profession. In response, she made some remarks. kangana asserted that she was the first performer to advocate for pay equality and noted that many female actors still perform for free today.

Kangana posted the video to her instagram Stories and included a caption with her thoughts on the subject. She emphasised her position as a trailblazer in the fight for equal pay while acknowledging the tendency of women in the past to follow patriarchal conventions.

Kangana further disclosed that her colleagues volunteered to work for free during negotiations for several assignments. She declared with confidence that the majority of A-list actresses work for free on films out of concern about losing their positions to those with more clout. She also criticised the practise of carefully timing the publication of publications listing actors with the highest salaries.

Kangana continued by claiming that she is the only female performer in the movie business to be paid on par with male actors. She said that everyone in the industry knows this and that no one else is to blame in her final statement. Prior to this, kangana and priyanka appeared together onscreen in the National Film Award-winning 2008 movie Fashion. In a previous interview, priyanka had addressed Kangana's comments regarding her feelings of being marginalised in the industry.

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