With the release of the Marathi blockbuster Sairaat adaptation, named "Dhadak," janhvi kapoor made her acting debut. The movie did reasonably well at the box office, but her subsequent productions were a complete dud. Despite her less than stellar box office performance, Janhvi is still one of the sexiest actors in the nation because of her glitzy and seductive photo campaigns, which have made her highly popular with young people. 
With the eagerly anticipated ntr and koratala siva movie Devara, Janhvi is now officially making her tollywood debut. According to the rumours, she portrays the daughter of a fisherman in the film. Her appearance in the movie is a mystery. The paparazzi recently caught sight of Janhvi wearing a provocative tank top that showed off her much-desired navel and breasts. Although the paparazzi were actively chasing her, Janhvi appeared unconcerned.

People are now admiring Janhvi's down-to-earth, straightforward character after she complied with some of her fans' demands to snap a selfie with her, and the video is currently becoming viral on the internet. Following the launch of Devara, Jahnvi's popularity among telugu fans has undoubtedly increased. Additionally, there are rumours that she is in negotiations to star alongside ram charan in Buchi Babu Sana's movie as the lead female.

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