Since the movie "Arjun Reddy" came out, anchor anasuya has been criticizing the hero Vijay devarakonda for using a lot of profanity. Following those remarks, there is perpetual friction between anasuya and Vijay's fandom, and the actress frequently jabs the actor's following. But it appears that she altered her viewpoint because she suddenly needed that peace of mind.
Anasuya claimed that ever since she started this cold war with Vijay Devarakonda's followers, she has lost a great deal of her mental serenity. I'm not sure whether Vijay is aware of this, but I've learned that someone connected to the star hero is paying money to propagate false information about me online. She is reported to have told the media house, "I'm so tired of this whole situation that I want to stop talking about the actor and his activities from now on.

While Anasuya's remarks against the coarse language in arjun Reddy's film were justified, lately, her oblique posts have taken on a more personal tone as she poked fun of the actor for adding the prefix "The" before his name on the posters for his most recent film Kushi. They claim that anasuya shouldn't have made fun of it as it was a personal decision.

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