The fact that director Veerabhadram Chaudhary collaborated with nagarjuna to create the film "Bhai" is widely known. The movie, which was released in 2013, had a dreadful box office performance. The star of this action comedy movie was Richa Gangopadhyay. It must be acknowledged that this film is a serious setback for Veerabhadram Chaudhary's career. Because of the unfortunate outcome, he had trouble getting opportunities from well-known heroes.

Hero nagarjuna also stated that he had made no mistakes, which suggested implicitly that the filmmaker was to blame for the film's outcome. Such a statement from a leading hero will undoubtedly have an impact on a director's career.

Recently, Veerabhadram Chaudhary discussed the Bhai movie and its affects on him. He said that Nagarjuna's film damaged his career in a YouTube interview. He said that "Bhai" marked the end of his professional career. blockbuster films by him include "Ahana Pellanta" and "Poolarangadu." He claimed that "Bhai" marked a significant turning point in his affluent existence, and that his circumstances had altered as if he had been abruptly shoved in the middle of a flight.

He claimed that his original intention was to create Bhai as a comedic performer. The movie was supposed to be a funny journey, but when nagarjuna took the lead role, numerous events affected the plot. The "Bhai" narrative I recounted was first lighthearted and joyful; it begins as a joke and then becomes sombre. According to Veerabhadram, the crowd expected humour but could not understand the severity.

Veerabhadram said that the movie "Bhai" was created within the budget allotted, that everyone like the plot, including nagarjuna, and that it was filmed in the annapurna Studio. Despite the fact that nagarjuna produced the movie and foreign producers were brought in to help, it failed at some point. Following that, he co-starred in the box office dud "Chuttalabbai" alongside Aadi Sai Kumar. After a seven-year hiatus, he is currently working on the film "Dilwala".

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