It is shown in the film Jawan that when deepika padukone is taken to the gallows, she becomes unconscious

and it is revealed that she is pregnant. After which deepika is hanged after her child turns 5 years old, but

the law of india is not like this.

According to indian law, if a woman is found pregnant at the time of hanging, then the law does not allow

her to be hanged. If it is known that a criminal woman is pregnant before she is hanged, then according

the law her hanging is converted into life imprisonment.

When we talked to retired DGP vikram singh about this, he said, In india, when a criminal is hanged, he is

given a medical checkup before that. If he is found sick, he is given proper treatment and hanged. Is.

Talking about the film, Singh said, The court takes a humanitarian approach in the cases of pregnant

women, if a woman is being punished then it is not necessary that her fetus should also be given the same

punishment. A very liberal approach in such a case. If the child is with you, then remission of sentence,

staying out of jail and all things like communication and sentence are over.

Singh said, Our court system has been portrayed in a wrong direction and in a negative light in the film, the

director should apologize for this. The director should first read the law and then depict it like this. He

should make films on ghosts. That’s what suits them.

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