Work done by Vijay's father to eradicate religion..!?

From the time when Vijay came to act, no one knew what caste or religion he was. Fans enjoyed watching his acting and dancing. Over time many political leaders talked about his name and his religion and brought it out. It was then that they came to know his caste and his religion. Accordingly, Vijay also began to show more of his religious identity in his films. Even in big films, his religious identity was not shown and it became frowned upon. However, fans are accepting and celebrating him. A few years ago his father SAC had said something. Vijay's father SAC on a platform 40 years ago when Vijay was enrolled in a Christian school. chandrasekhar wrote the form given in that school. He himself said what was in it and what he did.In that form, he mentioned his Nationality Indian, and asked for religion and Caste. SAC did not hesitate to do so. He has mentioned that all are Tamil. The school management noticed this and said that he had written it wrongly and written it correctly. SAC has boldly given the explanation for that again.The school management did not accept this and the SAC said, he is a Christian and his wife is a Hindu. How can both of them be called Christian Hindu?" Again the school management refused and then the SAC threatened that if they didn't agree with his style, he would stage a huge protest and change the matter in a big way. After that, the school management has agreed with no other option. Till today, Vijay only has tamil in the place of his caste in that certificate. He should not boast that he will abolish caste and that he is a Tamilian. He has said beautifully that if he does the same to his children, the caste will be destroyed automatically. SAC is right. Regrettably, Vijay has been showing his religious identity in films after growing up.

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