Actress swara bhaskar and Samajwadi party leader Fahad Zirar ahmed are the parents of a baby girl and the trolls are trolling them asking for the baby's name. bollywood actress swara bhaskar married Samajwadi party leader Fahad Zirar Ahmad on january 6 and is now the parent of a baby girl. Swara, who gave birth to a baby yesterday, on september 23, shared this happy news on instagram three days later. The couple had earlier made a sudden announcement about this. He said that he had registered his marriage in the court under the Special marriage Act. Swara was present with her parents and shared a photo of her marriage registration at the registrar's office. Sometimes we search for those who are close to us. But when Fahadh was around, Swara said that it didn't take long to know that he was my love. Then in the month of February, their wedding was held according to Muslim tradition.

 Both Swara and Fahadh had done a lot of photo shoots as they got ready to welcome their first child. He shared his pictures with his fans. They had written special sentences about their love. The trolls who saw it said that if your love is true and if you have the courage, give the child a Hindu name. After all, many criticisms were heard about swara bhaskar among the newly married people. She was criticized for marrying a young Muslim man. sadhvi prachi Singh lashed out at Swara. He said that swara bhaskar may also be killed like Shraddha Walker was killed in Delhi.

Swara had expressed outrage saying that she should have seen the fridge before taking the decision to marry a Muslim man. But Swara (Swara Bhaskar) didn't mind any of this. She had shared a photo that she was pregnant six months after her marriage. Then they said that if the child's name is Hindu, we will listen to what you say. But now the name has also been revealed. The daughter has been named Rabia. Rabia is an urdu name. In urdu it means ascetic or ascetic who renounces worldly possessions. Trolls are saying that you have not shown your love in the name of Muslims.


The trolls, who have dragged Muslim actors who are already married to Hindu women in this case too, are saying that you have done the same as Khan did to their children. All in all, although the actress is happy to be a mother, the trolls are not letting it rest. But despite these trolls, actress swara bhaskar continues to do photo shoots without caring.

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