Victory venkatesh is working on his 75th film, Saindhav, which is now in post-production and will be released on january 13th for Sankranthi. Today, the creators kicked off the musical campaign with the release of the first song, Wrong Usage. When someone drinks alcohol, the emotion is amplified, whether it is a happy or sad occasion. And the same issue is described in Santosh Narayanan's mass track.

Chandrabose wrote the lyrics for this song, while Nakash Aziz's vocals are upbeat. Venkatesh's mass dances are a highlight of the performance. This is the ideal tune to kick off the musical marketing. director Sailesh Kolanu portrays venkatesh in a fierce image, however, this song depicts the character's other side. venkat Boyanapalli of niharika Entertainment produced the film on a vast budget, the largest in Venkatesh's career to date.

Venkatesh appeared in the movie's teaser in a focused avatar, however the song Wrong Usage featured him in a joyful avatar. Santosh Narayanan composed the appropriate score for the scene in which the protagonist discusses the benefits and drawbacks of alcohol intake. Chandrabose's lyrics are unusual, yet amusing. nakash aziz excitedly crooned the upbeat tune, while venkatesh rocked it with his amazing dance moves.

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