With the 7th season of bigg boss successfully airing for 50 days, let's take a look at the TRP records set by the show.

Bigg Boss, which is aired on Vijay TV, has its own fan base. While the show has completed 6 seasons so far, its 7th season is currently in full swing. Unlike the previous seasons, this season started with various innovations. Accordingly this season is being conducted in two houses. For this, two houses namely Big Boss and Sumal Boss have been set up. Apart from that, there will be a rule not to discuss nominations with fellow contestants in previous seasons. But this season, that rule was changed and it was announced that everyone can discuss and nominate. kamal haasan announced that the contestants were abusing the rule, which was initially in effect for a few weeks, and that the right was being taken away from them.

More than the previous seasons, the fights inside the bigg boss house have become the biggest topic of discussion on social media as well. Initially Jovika-Visitra's fight over academic importance, Pradeep's red card eviction, Visitra's sexual complaint, Nixon's mockery of Vinusha were widely discussed.

Due to this, this season's TRP has also increased at a jet speed. At the start of this season, its TVR was 6 points. But its TVR points rose to 6.7 in Week 45 after pradeep was sent off with a red card. Due to the conflict between the contestants on the matter of red card, the show of bigg boss went on a rampage for a whole week. Due to that, the show's TVR points rose to 6.9 in week 46, data suggests. This is considered a great achievement.

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