The movie “Skanda” released in september and was a box office hit. After that she appeared as Balayya's daughter in "Bhagwant Kesari". Pelli Sanda D is a film under the direction of director Raghavendra Rao. It should be said that Srileela, who played the heroine in this movie, has settled in Telugu. She got a good popularity with this one movie. After that at the end of last year she became a crazy beauty of tollywood with the movie 'Dhamaka' with ravi Teja. With the success of this film, Srileela said OK to the next crazy project. With that, it went to the number one place, leaving aside the heroines as stars.

But when everything was going well, a series of flops slowed her down. The year 2023 turned out to be difficult for her. "Skanda" directed by boyapati starring ram as the hero was released in september and flopped at the box office. After that she appeared as Balayya's daughter in "Bhagwant Kesari". The film was a success.. She was also appreciated for her acting skills. However, due to the lack of glamor appeal, there was not much success in terms of career. After that, Adikesava opposite vaishnav tej also turned out to be a disaster. That movie also became a big minus for her career.

In this sequence, she is now waiting for the success of "Extraordinary Man". She acted as the heroine opposite Nitin. “Extraordinary Man” is all set to release on december 8, 2023. If this movie is a hit, this year will be balanced and guntur can be greeted again in January. So this is a big test for her again.

The movie 'Extraordinary Man' was made under the direction of vakkantham vamsi with the pair of Nitin and Srilila. The film is produced under Nitin's own banner. Speaking at the pre-release event of the film, Nitin said, "I know Srilila is a good dancer. She knows Bharatanatyam..Kuchipudi..Good hockey player..She has a record in swimming..She has a good background in playing veena.. Few people know that she is going to complete medicine soon. "I know. That's why in my eyes she is an extraordinary woman. On the 8th of this month, her fans will come out of the theaters with their collars flying," he said.

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