Suchi leak photos were all given by Trisha..!?

In a recent interview, singer Suchitra revealed the sensational information that trisha gave her the photos that appeared in Suchi Leaks. When one thinks of singer Suchitra, the first thing that comes to mind is the Suchi Leaks issue. In 2016, some private photos of celebrities like Dhanush, trisha, Anirudh, and Andrea were released from singer Suchitra's twitter page. All those photos were published under the name of Suchi Leaks. As a result, the issue became a hot topic in the film industry. Suchitra's life turned upside down after the Suchi Leaks scandal. At one point, Suchitra was said to be suffering from mental illness. Later her husband Karthik Kumar divorced her and separated. Due to this, Suchitra, who suffered severe mental distress, remained silent for a few years. Subsequently, she participated in the fourth season of bigg boss as a wild card contestant.

After that, Suchitra, who has been giving interviews on bigg boss from time to time, has now shared various shocking information in an interview given to a private YouTube channel. Suchitra has made controversial comments, especially about the Dhanush-Aishwarya divorce, the Suchi Leaks issue, etc. Her interview is currently trending on social media.

Especially her talk that trisha gave all the photos of Suchi Leakes has created a new storm. According to her, she said: "All the photos of Suchi Leakes were given by Trisha. That's why they sent a tweet to people saying 'they are hurt' and they didn't get hurt. It's a group room snigger job, and trisha is one of them. Then they won't file a case against Suchi. 

While this interview of Suchitra has gone viral, actress trisha has also responded to it. Sharing a meme accordingly, the world blames her even when she is right. She has also shared an upset emoji by posting that she is telling the truth.

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