Hollywood tollywood The actor nani frequently collaborates with up-and-coming directors and has setbacks at the box office. Typically, performers lose interest in a director who performs poorly. The same is true for Sailesh Kolanu, who this year failed miserably with Saindhav after delivering blockbusters with his Hit Franchise. One of the worst failures in tollywood history was Saindhav. It's now being suggested that by working with Sailesh Kolanu on his Hit 3, nani is taking a chance.

Nani makes a brief appearance at the conclusion of Adivi Sesh's Hit 2. This cameo was made by nani as a police officer. Therefore, it is obvious that he will play Hit 3's police officer. Currently, nani is working on Saripodaa Sanivaaram, which is being directed by vivek Athreya, a former employee of Ante Sundaraniki. Although this movie didn't do well at the box office, it provided the filmmaker another shot with Saripodaa Sanivaaram.
Thus, for Hit 3, nani and Sailesh Kolanu will repeat this. Furthermore, it's clear that nani is worried about the screenplay but not the end product of these flicks. Additionally, he is thinking of collaborating with Venu, who became well-known for Balagam, which might be revealed this year.

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