New delhi sources stated that Minister of Road Transport and Highways nitin gadkari on Thursday said that the government has no intention to ban petrol and diesel vehicles. Gadkari said addressing a gathering at the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) annual convention "There were discussions and the ministry had received suggestions that petrol-diesel vehicles should be banned. I would like to clarify that the government does not intend to ban petrol and diesel vehicles. We are not going to do anything like that”. 

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Furthermore the Union Minister also outlined that india's automobile industry had witnessed high volumes in terms of exports and the industry is providing tremendous employment opportunities. Further mentioning that reducing pollution is in the national interest, he said that it was not correct to blame only vehicles for the problem of pollution. The minister added "Yes, they share some of the onus".

The Union Minister said "The pollution in delhi affected the health of everyone and the world has also been critical about it. A Rs 50000 crore plan has been devised for delhi to identify spots which cause pollution. Due to this, around 29 per cent pollution in delhi has been controlled". Moreover the BJP leader said the government has reduced GST on electric vehicles. He said "I am trying to convince the Finance Ministry to think about hybrids too". Gadkari said "Public transport has potential. If we implement the London transport model then 12-15 lakh new buses will become operational."

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