The tamil Nadu government does not have a position to act against the Scheduled Tribes, said the leader of the Liberation Tigers of india Thol. Thirumavalavan mp said.

He arrived in madurai today by flight from chennai and spoke to the reporters at the airport saying: "Around 300 passengers have died in the odisha train accident. Technical experts say that the accident could have been prevented if the protective modern technology tool called Kavach had been used adequately and properly.

The rulers focus on sowing hate politics, inciting violence against minorities and raising slogans of jai Shri ram without focusing on the welfare of the people.

Privatization of Railways is one of BJP's agenda. No appointment of new employees. Such a tragic accident would not have happened if the necessary personnel and technical experts had been appointed in the railway department. prime minister Modi's intention to privatize the railway sector also did not result in the appointment of new employees. At least the railway minister should accept the moral opinion that this accident has occurred because of this. A commission of inquiry should be set up to find out the cause of the accident.

It is commendable that the tamil Nadu government took swift action after the accident. Moreover, the chief minister has not only declared the day of the accident as a day of mourning but also canceled the artist's centenary inauguration program and sent a team of 2 ministers and officials to odisha state. This accident has happened due to the administrative negligence of the central government.

Due to caste fanaticism, some people have planned and attacked the residences of scheduled caste people during the temple festival in Tirumogur, Othakkada, Madurai. 3 people were injured and admitted to the government hospital. There have been caste conflicts in more than 10 places in the madurai area for a few months.

No formal action was taken in this case either. Those involved should be arrested. To protest against this, the Liberation Tigers party will hold a demonstration on june 12. deputy chief minister of karnataka has said that Meghadatu Dam will be built. The sentiments of those people cannot be dismissed. It is our duty to fight for our people. We can't blame him as he wants to shut down. We will speak loudly as dam construction will be affected. We will add this at the appropriate place. The Cauvery Management Authority has given an answer to this. We will appeal where appeal is due.

Madurai airport, Mutharaiyar international airport, someone has posted the name on Google. The government has not posted this. Such action incites the youth against caste systems.

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