Close all liquor shops in tamil Nadu; Bring happiness to the families of those addicted to alcohol, Bamaka president Anbumani Ramadoss has said.

In a post published on his page today, he said: "A 16-year-old girl, Vishnupiriya, from Chinnarajaguppa, Vellore district, who is a laborer father's alcoholism, has committed suicide by hanging herself. Achirumi, who has written a letter saying that no one is responsible for his suicide, said, "My wish is that my father should stop drinking." "Whenever I see my family happy, my soul is at peace," he said. Vishnupriya's letter breaks my heart.

Vishnupriya's request is not only his.... This is the mindset of majority of teenagers in tamil Nadu. 90 percent of families in tamil Nadu are affected by alcohol in some way. There is no peace in the families of alcoholics. Poverty...fight...hunger...starvation...sickness, stress, restlessness are what plague those families. As a result, Vishnupriya committed suicide.

Last May 2018, a student named Dinesh from Shankarankoil area of Nellai district, unable to correct his father's drinking habit, said, "Father, don't drink even after I die." I should not do anything after my death. After this, my soul will be at peace only if I don't drink. After my death, let's see if the country's prime minister and chief minister will close the liquor shops, otherwise I will come as a ghost and eliminate the liquor shops'', he wrote a letter and hanged himself on the Vannarpet Bridge.

Dinesh's suicide was of no avail. At least Vishnupriya's suicide should bring about changes. A few days ago, chief minister M.K.Stalin pointed out that the student spoke about social justice while speaking in a tamil program on Vijay TV. I hope he will understand Vishnupriya's letter with the same sentiment and implement complete prohibition of alcohol in tamil Nadu.

Abstinence is the wish of everyone in tamil Nadu. To help achieve that, close all the liquor shops in tamil Nadu.. Bring happiness to the families of those addicted to alcohol.. I request the chief minister of tamil Nadu to help the soul of Vellore girl Vishnupiriya to rest in peace.'' Anbumani said.

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